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What does an Ombudsman do?

The Rhode Island State Long Term Care Ombudsman Program (RISLTCOP) advocates for and works to resolve problems related to the health, safety, welfare, and rights of individuals receiving long term care services.

The RISLTCOP responds to, and investigates complaints brought forward by the individual, family members, and/or others acting on their behalf.

RISLTCOP offers information and consultation to those receiving long term care services to their family members and providers, monitor state and federal laws and regulations, and makes recommendations for improvement.

The program also recruits, trains, and supervises Certified Volunteer Ombudsmen who assist residents in resolving concerns.


Receives and looks into complaints and assists residents in resolving problems.


Educates residents and families about their rights.


Empowers and supports residents and families to discuss concerns with nursing home staff.


Provides information regarding long-term care programs and services.


Advocates improvements in state and federal laws and regulations.


Represents residents' interests before governmental agencies.


Identifies and seeks to remedy gaps in facility, government, or community services.


Respects the privacy and confidentiality of residents.

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